Why Do People Carry Knives?

Some people carry knives because their job involves cutting plastic etc, but I’m NOT talking about those kinds of people.  I’m asking why people as young as 13 years old are carrying knives?  And the people who do decide to use them against or on other people.

So here’s some reasons why people carry knives;

  • For protection, self defense, in case they were ever attacked and needed to protect themselves.
  • Because they are cheap and easy to get hold of.
  • Being brought up in a household where carrying a knife is acceptable.
  • To make themselves feel like a ‘top dog’ on the estate they live on.
  • To make people ‘respect’ them.
  • Because they are not able to have a fist fight, so they need a weapon for back-up.
  • Some people just carry knives for there own mental safety, they like to feel re-assured in their mind that they are safe.
  • Instilling fear in others.
  • So that they feel they can push themselves up the social ladder.
  • Some young children are forced to carry knives for the older gang members, as the police wouldn’t suspect a 7 year old of carrying a knife.
  • Some people geniunely carry knives to hurt others with no other reason but to injure or maim another person.
  • Peer pressure.