Own Experience

A Message from Holly Watson;

For those unfortunate people who have their own experience of knife-crime, or have been affected by knife-crime, this is a page dedicated to you.  I want you to be able to share your stories and feel that you’re not alone.  There are so many other people and families experiencing the same feelings and emotions, that I think it’s valuable to be able to contact them and talk.  When I lost my Brother Lewis I felt that no-one would understand me or even understand my thoughts – let alone make sense of them.  But slowly I built up the courage to start talking, and when I spoke to people who had similar experiences it made me feel better, knowing I wasn’t alone and that the stuff I had experienced – other people had as well.  I would appreciate no abusive comments please, this is a page dedicated to those who want to talk about their experiences.  Any abusive comments will be removed instantly, so please respect this page and its content.

Many Thanks

Holly Watson x