3rd Step

The Sudbury SNT (Safer Neighbour Teams) invited Holly to the Sudbury Police Station to meet her and talk through their plans for the police presentation on the 8th November.  Sgt.Ian Watson’s wife, Sally Watson, who is an anti-social behaviour officer, was also present at the meeting.  Throughout October, Sally and Ian Watson worked tirelessly to create an amazing presentation that would show people that Sudbury says: ‘No to Knives’.  Their presentation also included information on the education packages they delivered to the local schools, and businesses in the town, and the successful knife amnesty where over 200 knives were handed in.  They also wanted to show people how Sudbury had been affected by Lewis’ death and the impact it had had on Holly’s family.  With Holly and her family’s permission, a photo montage of Lewis was created that would be shown at the police presentation.

On 25th October Holly was invited by Lynda Sebbage to be a guest speaker at the Sudbury Rotary Club.  Holly delivered a short speech about what she was hoping to achieve, the dangers of knives and how knife crime had impacted her life.  She experienced another fantastic response with every member coming up to her at the end of the meeting asking her questions, and offering their help in anyway they could.   One particular member called Peter Gray said his wife worked for a company that could produce Holly some Posters and Leaflets, etc.  She gave him a copy of a poster idea she had, and Peter took it away and his wife took it into work.

On the 29th September 2010 Chief Inspector Martin Barnes-Smith and Detective Chief Inspector Stephen Mattin came to Holly’s house for a meeting to discuss Holly’s campaign ideas and how they could help each other going forward.  Many ideas were discussed with quite a few being of interest to the Policemen.

After this meeting, Holly was nominated by Chief Inspector Martin Barnes-Smith for a ‘Young Person Of The Year’ award, which took place on 31st October.  Holly won the Junior award which was a £250 cash prize, and she donated half to knifecrimes.org .  Knifecrimes.org was founded by a lady called Ann Oakes-Odger.  Ann lost her own Son (Westley Odger) after he was stabbed at a cash point in Colchester.  Ann was over the moon to recieve a cheque for £125 and appeared in The Suffolk Free Press with Holly.

The 4th November was the day Holly met Paul Mackman, of the Mackman Group, Sudbury.  Peter Gray who Holly had met at the Sudbury Rotary Club asked his wife to show Paul Mackman her poster design, and this meeting was arranged to discuss how Paul could help Holly.  The meeting went well, Paul was happy to help  with any kind of design work Holly needed and the idea of creating her a website was on the cards.