2nd Step

On Wednesday the 22nd September 2010 the East Anglian Daily Times printed her story. On Thursday the 23rd September 2010 Holly pre-recorded a radio interview for Heart FM. She then went to the KISS FM studios in Bury St Edmunds and pre-recorded a piece that was used on the news bulletins. Holly also appeared again on BBC Radio Suffolk for an update on how her campaign was going.  Holly’s campaign had managed to get to 3rd place in the competition by this point, and all her hard work was starting to pay off.  The Suffolk Free Press had her story as front page and the votes came flooding in.

On the evening of 23rd September Holly went out into the streets of Sudbury, wearing a T-shirt she had made which had the basic information about BattleFront on it and the link to her page, and also took with her The Suffolk Free Press newspaper article.  She went into shops and pubs asking if people had seen the paper, and if they hadn’t, would they read the article and vote for her?  Her Auntie Ruth accompanied her and had brought her laptop along so people could log on and vote there and then!  She had another amazing response from this and gained another stack of votes.  She also had so much help from her friends and family who sent the link out to everyone they knew and the link ended up being sent to people all over the UK and even to the other side of the World.

Holly made it to first place but there was still an evening and a morning to get through.  Over the night and morning she went from first to second, to third, to second.  It was a very intense time just waiting to see at midday where her campaign would end up.  On the morning of 24th September 2010 she had another interview with BBC Radio Suffolk, putting out the last plea to anyone who hadn’t voted to do so.

Midday of 24th September came… the voting had closed and her campaign was in 2nd place!  But she was still over the moon, the idea was to get in the top 10 and that anyone in the top 10 could win so she had secured her campaign’s place in that group!  Just after midday she appeared on the James Hazell Show on BBC Radio Suffolk  again, letting people know where she had come and thanking everyone who had voted.

On 15th October Holly would be contacted to be told if she had won the 12th Campaigner, but in the meantime she had a visit from a Battlefront/Channel 4 lady who came to her house in Sudbury.  Holly also had to have a few phone interviews with different members of the Battlefront crew.

The 15th of October came, at 6pm she was phoned to be told she hadn’t won the place of the 12th Campaigner.  To begin with Holly was sad that she had missed out on such a life-changing opportunity, but was soon back on her feet and her detemination was stronger than ever.

Holly had recieved a letter from police Sgt Ian Watson on the 22nd of September asking if she would be part of a police presentation on the 8th November.  A two week knife amnesty and education in schools took place during January 2010 following Lewis’ death which Sgt Ian Watson was a part of. Sudbury police (SNT – Safer Neighbourhood Teams) had been short-listed for a local Suffolk Police award and a national award for the work they had done after Lewis’ death.  If Sudbury won the award they would recieve a £5000 cash prize with some of it being allocated to Holly to help her with her campaign.