4th Step

The morning of the 5th November 2010 brought an early start for Holly, Ian and Sally.  BBC Radio Suffolk wanted to do an interview with Holly and Sgt Ian Watson, about the police awards.  The interview went well and both Ian and Holly were happy with it.

The 8th November brought a very intense day, the Safer Neighbourhood Team police awards.  Holly and the Sudbury SNT Police were the 3rd team to give their presentation, there were 5 other SNT’s delivering presentations that day as well.  The Sudbury presentation went well, actually prompting tears from members of the audience.  In the afternoon everybody had to vote and Sudbury came 2nd in the awards.  Holly was pleased to have been a part of something so important and it was a valuable experience for her.

After speaking with Chief Inspector Martin Barnes-Smith and Detective Inspector Stephen Mattin, the idea of filming an Anti-Knife community television advert was on the cards.  After much hard work from both Martin and Stephen the Anti-Knife tv ad was arranged.  10:30am on the 25th  November 2010 brought a very unfamiliar morning for Holly.  A film crew turned up at her house transforming her living room into a film set, Holly was scared and worried yet knew this would be a worth-while project to get involved with.  The community TV advert is still being processed at this moment in time, but it is hoped that it will be released in the new year (January 2011.)