1st Step

In the Summer of 2010 Holly saw on facebook the opportunity to enter a competition where young people could turn their issues into fully-fledged campaigns.

This competition was on a website called Battlefront which is a Channel 4 project. The competition gave the chance for an indivdual to become the 12th Campaigner, along with LIVES NOT KNIVES, MEET YOUR STREET and many other famous campaigns.

The winner of the 12th Campaigner would win a few months being followed online as their campaign journey unfolded.  They would be given access to top-notch campaign experts for advice, massive big-ups across the site and major support from the Battlefront team.  They would also be eligible for a £300 grant to spend on their campaign and have a documentary made by Channel 4 of their campaign journey.

Holly entered the competition in June 2010, but had no faith that her campaign would get anywhere as knife-crime is such a big problem across the Country.  In the beginning of September 2010 she decided to see if her campaign had a chance, she posted the link onto Facebook and asked people to simply vote for her by following the link she had posted on their Facebook walls.  She was overwhelmed by the amazing response she got from Facebook friends and in general.  A very good friend of Holly’s (Lizzie Falconer) asked Holly if she would be interested in going on the Radio to help promote her campaign and get more votes.

Holly was amazed that someone could give her this opportunity, but at the same time was very scared.  Holly had never been on the Radio before and was worried she may come across as rather shy and wouldn’t appeal to people.

But after Lizzie reassured Holly that it would be a brilliant thing to do she went ahead with it.  On the 21st of September 2010 Holly appeared on the Mark Murphy Breakfast show on BBC Radio Suffolk, with her campaign being the headline of the morning. Mark Murphy was amazing and challenged Chief Constable Simon Ash to put in place permanent knife bins across Suffolk.
After the Radio interview Holly went back to Sudbury to be filmed by BBC Look East for the News, and then was interviewed by The Suffolk Free Press and East Anglian Daily Times.