8th Step

15 April 2011 came with Holly and her Mother Angela flying over to Dublin. On the Friday night they had a rehearsal were Holly met the other Award Winners, Ellie Crisell and sorted out where she would be sitting Saturday morning etc.

16 April Saturday morning. Holly felt calm and not phased by it all, but by the time she got on stage 15 minutes before the progamme was going to go on air, she started to freak out. After a quick ‘you can do it’ talk from her Mother Angela she was soon back to her normal self.

‘5….4….3….2…..1…. going live now.’ ┬áBefore Holly knew it she was live on air and the first one up to talk to Ellie Crisell. Holly says its like a blur and all over very quickly. She was worried about falling over when she got up from her seat but luckily no accidents were to be had.

After the Awards there was lots of photographs being taken and a very nice lunch in a very posh part in the RIBI.

Holly and Angela flew back at 5pm Saturday evening.

4 May Holly visited the House Of Lords with the two runners up from ‘Sudbury Young Citizen.’ John Phillips of the Rotary Club very kindly offered to drive all 3 girls and there friends to London. Holly, Suzy and Izabela had tea and sconces with Lord Phillips of Sudbury. They had a tour of the House Of Lords and enjoyed it throughly.