7th Step

Soon after The Home Office meeting Holly was told that she had been short listed for a top national award. All the people across England and Ireland that had won ‘Young Citizen’ were then being nominated for the ‘Young Citizen of the Year Awards 2011’ run by the Rotary International Britain and Ireland (RIBI.) ¬†This involved a film crew from the BBC coming to Sudbury and filming Holly deliver a powerful assembly to her Sixthform, Holly’s friends, family and all sorts of people got involved.

Holly was one of five finalists.

Holly and her Mother Angela were to be flown to Dublin on 15 April to attend the Awards, which would be broadcasted live on BBC News 24.

In the mean time running up towards the awards Holly took part in volunteering to be part of Cruical Crew. A workshop designed for middle school children to face them with real life situations and how to deal with them. These situations involved, older children offering them drugs and alcohol. (Of course these older children were actors and the stuff offered to them wasn’t real!). Another¬†scenario involved a¬†abandoned car which the young children walked up too, after looking around the car and finding all sorts the older actor children came over and pretended to act drunk and disorderly. This foxed many of the younger children and some did the right thing by calling for the police. Two police persons were hiding round the corner waiting for the younger children to call them. When the Police came over to the car they acted as if it was a real situation and searched the older children were one of them was concealing a knife. Holly then came over and gave the younger children a mild talk on knife crime. The police then talked about what to do if you find a car like this, the information the Police would need and what to do with the drunk and disorderly older children.

This workshop was a great success, with many of the children finding it useful and informative.

This was of great use to Holly, seeing that younger children did listen and many of them already knew a lot about knife crime.