6th Step

In December 2010 Holly received a letter informing she had been nominated to receive a Babergh District Council Community Achievement Award and had been chosen as an award winner. The Awards would be presented by the Chairman of the Council, David Wood and Robert Audley, managing director of Prolog and the guest of honour for the evening was Mark Murphy.  9 March 2011 was the night of the awards, Sally Watson and Paul Crick nominated Holly for the award. The night was a huge success, with everyone having a lovely time.

11 March 2011 Guns, Gangs and Knives Young People’s Working Group Meeting in London at The Home Office. Holly had been nominated by Ann Oakes-Odger of KnifeCrimes.Org to be part of a Young Persons Working Group. Ann herself is on the Home Secretary’s Round Table and has been for the last number of years and this Young Persons working Group was a new initiative.  Holly’s work would now be recognised by Government and her input could possib now help shape future Policy.  Holly was one of 15 people to be selected. There was people from Lives Not Knives, The Princes Trust and all kinds of different people sharing there thoughts on how to tackle issues such as Knife Crime, Guns and Gangs. Holly found it very useful and a great help to see that other people across the Country cared as much as she did about these issues.