5th Step

13th December brought another early morning for Holly, her Mother Angela, Chief Inspector Martin Barnes-Smith and Lisa McGrann from the press office. They needed to be in Lowestoft for 9am to launch 1 of 3 permanent knife bins.

The launch of the 1st of 3 permanent knife bins went well, with a good press response and Detective Inspector Steve Mattin managing to spill a chocolate biscuit down himself.    The 2nd permanent knife bin to be launched was waiting for them at Ipswich, where they would be joined by Mark Murphy and Chief Constable Simon Ash. This was the most interesting of the 3, as Mark Murphy was interviewing Holly Watson a passer by dumped the first knife in the ‘Bin A Blade’ bins. Mark had the sound of the knife clanking to the bottom on the bin on tape and it was such a over whelming feeling to see that already people were starting to bin there blades. Bury St Edmunds was where the last Permament knife bin was awaiting to be launched, after a quick bite to eat Holly, her Mother Angela, CI Martin Barnes-Smith and Lisa McGrann headed over there. All in all the day was a huge success, with it being shown on the BBC Look East News, and in all the local papers.

16th December Holly met Paul Mackman and some journalists to launch this very site. The Mercury Paper this as a Christmas special and it was released on the 23 December.

After a very busy few months Holly decided to concentrate on her exams (AS Level) that were coming up.

3 February 1,000 knives had been counted in the permanent knife bins.

18 February Holly won ‘Young Citizen Of Sudbury’ awared to her by the Rotary Club.