Mobile Knife Bin….

From the 2nd August Sudbury Suffolk will have a mobile knife bin for a month!

So bin them blades!

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  • I rlealy appreciate free, succinct, reliable data like this.

  • Arno:

    It’s a noble quest you are forfilling. My congragulations. I hope it will save many innocent lives. It’s a verry usefull site, you made and perhaps you will be able to ban the knives forever.

  • Robin:

    I think it’s verry important that you started this campaign. Now there will be a lot less knife crimes. I think your website is a great example of how you should start a campaign against something. I hope a lot of knives will be donated to the mobile knife bins. I wish they did campaings like this here in Belgium, because here are also a lot of knife crimes.

    Greetings, Robin

  • Matthias:

    I think it’s very good of you that you brought up such an organisation. Many people have to follow your example and should join your organistation. After I saw the pictures it all came to me that the United-Kingdom has alot of violence, and with your organisation you will help alot of people. I also think that this website is very useful, I think people will realise that knives can be used against them alot.

    I wish you alot of succes with your organisation

    Greetings Matthias

  • Jolien Vermassen:


    I really appreciate what you’re doing, I think it’s horrible what happened to your brother. I bet he’d be proud of you.
    It’s good that you are trying to make a change, and already collected so many knives. I really love the way how much effort you put in this.
    Hopefully, you’ll contine this in the future and knife crimes will decrease.

    Much love from Belgium

  • Maxim Ulin:


    I really admire your work and I appriciate what you do to prevent knive crimes.
    I also think it’s very sad what happened to your brother..
    I think he would be very proud of you.
    I hope that your knive amnesty bins will keep as effective as they are now.
    I think that people here in Belgium could learn something about your story and about what you do.

    Kind regarts from Belgium.

  • Wiame:

    First of all congratulations with all that. You were just a little girl but you changed into an adult woman . I’m really sorry for your brother, but in another way he’d be proud to see what his death caused. It was the thing that changed everything. If that wouldn’t have happened I don’t think anyone would ever got the same idea as you got. I bet your parents are also proud of you and all what you’ve accomplished. The idea of a mobile knife bin for a month is great. I’m from Belgium and I think it would be a good idea to put a bin in Brussels, people are getting more and more dangerous. But at the other side, in Belgium knives are not really used.
    Well , I wish you the best of luck and hope you will get known internationally.

  • William:

    Hello, I am william from The netherlands. Ive visited your website.

    Its verry terrible what happent to your brother, i cant imagine how it would feel if that will happend to my brother.
    I like your message on this site. now i guess it will make people thinking before doing somethings horribles.

    i hope you organisation will succeed alot over hole the word
    God bless you

  • Alex:

    Just wondering, what are you going to do with all those knives that you collect? They’ll probably be worth quite a bit.

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