Launch Of Knife Bins

Monday 13th December 2010 will be recognised as the day permanent knife bins were installed in Lowestoft, Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds. Holly Watson launched the knife bins alongside Chief Constable Simon Ash and BBC Radio Suffolk’s Mark Murphy. She was also joined by Chief Inspector Martin Barnes-Smith, Lisa McGrann, Press Officer and several Police Officers from Ipswich and Lowestoft. The day was an absolute success and Holly felt this was another positive step in the right direction. While Holly was being pre-recorded for the radio by Mark Murphy a member of the public disposed of the first knife. This shocked all who were there as they didn’t expect to see this happen so quickly!

Holly’s message to ANYONE carrying a knife is to PLEASE dispose of it at one of the permanent knife bins. No questions will be asked and you will not be arrested. The whole idea of the permanent knife bins is to get knives off the streets and to take dangerous knives completely out of circulation. Sudbury and Great Cornard had it’s own 2 week amnesty which took 200 knives out of circulation. This was a fantastic result and Holly is hoping many more knives will be disposed of in the year long amnesty.

So please let’s help to keep Suffolk a safe place to live in and ‘bin a blade.’

Could you please leave a response below saying what you think of the permanent knife bins scheme and how successful you think the bins are going to be.

Thank you

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