As A Friend

From Carly Warren:;

Lewis was generous…I remember him giving me his birthday champagne for my birthday, I was 16….Lewis was also a little bit naughty! Lewis was daring…during the summer Lewis and I snuck into some disused caravans and talked for hours…Lewis was also very loving…he gave me the nickname ‘titchy’ and he used to say it in a silly voice…Lewis was often very funny…he could do a wicked impression of his mum when she was angry with him and his phone voicemail gave the caller the impression he had picked up when he hadn’t…he kept that up for years!! Lewis was kind and caring, loyal and sensitive, he always smelt lovely, even though he would find a cap he loved and it wouldn’t leave his head…day or night!! He loved the simple things in life like the sound of the rain on the conservatory roof at his mums, Lewis and I sitting on the sofa sipping tea and holding hands. Lewis loved fishing, hot summer days, cold beers and most of all his friends. Lewis was and is still unique, I know he is in the sky, the tree’s, the sun and the stars, he will always be around his friends, waiting for us all in the places he loved the most. xx