As A Brother

By Olivia Watson age eleven:;

i only realy got to no my brother Lewis when i was like 6 or 7. i always new i had a half brother and sister as well as Holly.

but i didnt meet Lewis til like a long time after I met Jade. Jade used to come and stay in the spare room and come on holiday with us.

Lewis came round for a curry one time. mum said he was much bigger than the 5 year old she used to no! 😀 He was funny cos he got curry in his eye by acsedent. we kept laughing. lol

Lewis bought me a well beatiful Ring in Bury one time when dad took us to get Lewis some black shoes for the army and me a swimming costume for school. we had lots of fun but i could never keep up with them and in the end i just had to run (jog) 🙂

Mum said me and Lewis had the same dress sence. lolz

Lewis stayd over sometimes and dad and Lewis watched Dog the bounty hunter and thing’s like that all the next day.

On new years eve my brother Lewis played bingo with me and the rest of us. He didnt no how to play it !lolz!

He won like 3 times and mum said he could pick prizes out of the lucky dip. He got 2 toothbrushes and a shower jel.

He was well chuffed!

One time when dad and Lewis were going out to the pub mum picked Lewis up so she could drop them both off at the pub and i made Lewis some biscuits that day and he ate the lot and said they were well nice!

i cried lots when mum told me Lewis was in heaven but my mum and dad tell me all the time he is looking down at me from the stars. i think about him every day x :'(

I love my brother and always will xxx :s xxx

By Holly Watson:;

I didn’t grow up with Lewis but the time I spent with him I will always treasure. I can remember being told from a young age that I had a half Brother and Sister and I looked forward to the day of meeting them both.  To begin with we exchanged letters when I was about 9 years old and sent pictures of ourselves to each other.  I can remember Jade saying I had much neater hand writing than Lewis haha!  Lewis sent a picture of himself kissing a great big yellow fish which I kept safe and still have to this day.  I properly got in contact with Lewis when I was about 14 years old I sent him a text saying ‘Hi Lewis, I’m Holly your Sister – Wanna meet sometime?’.   I was worried I wouldn’t get a reply but I did and within no time I paid him regular visits.  I can remember going round his flat in Lucas Road and trying to make a cup of tea but there was no tea bags, out of date milk and he told me I had to use a fork cos he had chucked all his cutlery out of the window.  So the next time I went round I made sure I brought some milk, tea and sugar before hand!  I remember another time when I went to see him on a Saturday afternoon I spent about 45 minutes banging on his door, ringing his phone and throughing 2p’s through his letterbox.  He all of a sudden answered the door and just looked at the 2p’s all over his floor. (I could see he was laying on his sofa so I was trying to throw 2p’s at him to wake him up haha!) He goes ‘Can I borrow your phone for something important please?’ I was like yeah of course. Next thing I know he’s like ‘Yeah 3 cheese burgers please, lucas road’ Then goes to me ‘Hmm can I borrow some money please?’ haha.  The night Lewis came round for a curry and got it in his eye was one of the funniest things I have ever seen!  I have never known anyone to get curry in their eye before 🙂  I enjoyed his company and his laugh was exactly like my Uncle Duncan’s (very unique!).   His dark hair and big blue eyes I will never forget, and I still cannot believe to this day that he’s gone.  I miss you so much Bro and I know you’re up there looking down on us, watching over us and waiting till we can all be together again. xxxx