Lewis Watson

Lewis Watson was a polite, funny and charming young man who had his whole life ahead of him.  He had passed his bike test, had a full time job, enjoyed going out with his mates for a beer or two, and fishing.  He was like most 23 year olds but….  

On 26th September 2009 his life was taken.  Viciously stabbed 3 times in the street, he didn’t stand a chance.. he was rushed to hospital but died in the early hours of that morning.

Lewis was dearly loved by all his family and friends.  Such a tragic and devastating loss to such a small close knit town.

Lewis will never get the chance to get married, have children, watch them grow up and hear their first words.  He will never pass his driving test, be an uncle to his sisters’ children, spend Christmas or New Year’s Eve with his family again, or simply see another day.

This is all due to somebody carrying a knife and deciding to use it.